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It is love that brought award-winning hair stylist, Polina Logunova and successful Los Angeles businessman George Rice, together as a couple and industry partners.

However, it is the love of all things beauty that opened the doors of the elegant Logunova Beauty Salon. Inside the sparkling interior brimming with full-amenities that include a champagne and beverage bar wait new friends who will make you feel right at home.

Polina and George oversee every detail to pamper you in luxury while ensuring that you receive expert guidance on the right look   to perfectly suit your lifestyle.

With over sixteen years creating hair beauty, Polina earned recognition as “Queen of Blondes.” And as “Number One Stylist,” she was the only one to perform permanent safe silk hair straightening called “Silk Hair Transformation” in her native Ukraine.

She collected techniques from the world’s finest hairdressing schools and individual masters. Polina was also the ambassador of two American global cosmetic brands and conducted training in Ukraine. Along with her rewarding work as TV presenter and film star, she is also an entrepreneur twice named Ukrainian “Woman of the Year.”

But multi-talented Polina’s true calling is people. Her warmth and genuine belief in the transformative power of a great salon visit drives her to experiment with every known treatment on herself before using it on clients.

Because of this first-hand experience, Polina understands what it’s like to suffer the damaging effects from bad ingredients. That’s why at Logunova Beauty Salon, you will only find the most beneficial products.


Polina and George inspired to offer a unique beauty salon that doesn’t exist in all of California. Under one roof, you have access to an unmatched variety of advanced professional services. From rejuvenating light therapy to the highest quality of hair extensions, not to mention massage, nails, facials and hair design, there is plenty to keep you in top form.

Each a busy parent of young children, Polina and George even have a customized play area complete for your little ones, so there is no need to sacrifice your self-care

You can also take a deep breath of relief knowing that the air is healthy and free of the usual harmful fumes found in hairsprays and other chemicals. Instead, refreshing non-toxic scents of orange blossoms and vanilla waft through the two floors of expansive rooms.


Polina’s loyal international following journey across the ocean to ensure their tresses are under the care of the best. But even if you’re only traveling across town, it’s worth the trip. That’s because it is Polina and George’s goal that every customer who enters the salon will be treated like their best friend.

And what best friend wouldn’t want to bask against the thick cushions inside the good vibes and teamwork atmosphere of Logunova Beauty Salon? After all, when you give good energy that customer takes it out into world and makes it a better place.

Come meet Polina and George to discover why beauty is more than skin deep. But don’t forget to get a facial, too!


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We are located in Downtown Los Angeles. Schedule your visit and discover the difference that high-quality service can make for your beauty and well-being.

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